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Weddings On A Budget – How To Save Money When Getting Married

Posted by:Bankruptcy Specialist

We all have a pretty good understanding that weddings can be a costly pursuit, but do you really understand just how much the average wedding costs in Australia? A bit over $36,000, based on Australia’s Money Smart website. And that was in 2012! Today, it’s quite likely somewhere around the $50,000 mark. I suppose if…

Personal Finance Tips – Finance Goals In Your 30’s.

Posted by:Bankruptcy Specialist

There’s no doubt that reaching your 30’s is a significant landmark for all of us. Even though some of us may have embarked on a new career, bought a house, or even started a family, this decade of our life has a notable financial impact for the coming years. For the majority of people, our…

Personal Finance Tips – Finance Goals For Your 20’s.

Posted by:Bankruptcy Specialist

There’s no question that your 20’s is a very important phase of your life. There’s a timid but gratifying sensation about becoming an adult, leaving home, and being financially independent. Regardless if you launched a career, a university degree, or spent time traveling the globe and gaining life experience, your 20’s is a momentous decade…

Ways To Save Money On Food

Posted by:Bankruptcy Specialist

All of us endure periods in life where money is tight. Thankfully for us, there are certain expenses that we can quickly do away with, such as cable television, gym memberships, and dining out at restaurants. On the other hand, there are other expenses that we simply can’t avoid. Rent, debt repayments and school fees…

Top Ways To Save Money And Improve Your Life

Posted by:Bankruptcy Specialist

These days, saving money is a goal that everyone wants to accomplish, however typically it can be a complex task for lots of people. Rental payments, bills, groceries, and everyday necessities accumulate rapidly, leaving most families with little to no savings. Managing to save money and enhance your life appears to be a paradox, as…

New Year’s Resolution – Improving your Financial Health

Posted by:Bankruptcy Specialist

The New Year is definitely an excellent time to reflect on the previous year and make some resolutions to improve ourselves. Most individuals’s resolutions revolve around being healthier, strengthening their career, or improving their financial health. Now all of us realise how tough it can be to keep our New Year’s resolutions, so it is…

How To Rebuild Your Credit Rating After Bankruptcy?

Posted by:Bankruptcy Specialist

Congratulations! You’ve successfully served your three year period of bankruptcy and have been discharged, so what now? You’ve undoubtedly taken the right measures to deal with your financial challenges by filing for bankruptcy, and all your debts are well behind you now. Having said this, there’s still a good deal of work required to get…

4 Money Saving Ideas This Christmas

Posted by:Bankruptcy Specialist

Christmas can be a wonderful time of year. Spending quality time with family, being on holidays, offering gifts to loved ones, and of course the grand Christmas lunch! It’s undoubtedly a time for giving, and with this comes costs. It’s very easy to overdo it with getaways, gifts, and scrumptious foods; to let your hair…

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